Minolta AL-F

Nearly a year ago (1 year this Feb 27, 2013) A friend from the US sent me a USPS box.
Inside was a camera, from his Lolo. I can smell how old the camera was.
It was like an old book store, well it smelled like an old book.
The camera was a Minolta AL-F, a rangefinder camera launched by Minolta around 1967.
Sadly, the battery used for this kind are those that contained Mercury, a substance which was long banned for being used, or as an ingredient on old button batteries.
Without a battery, the camera can still function on Manual mode, but with restrictions.
The aperture would default to F2.7 and the shutter speeds from 1/30 to 1/500.
That mean it can do EV 6 to EV 10 on ISO 400 film.
Below are some frames that came out from the first roll I've put in it (February 2012)
until I've finished the roll (around December 2012), which was developed and scanned last
week (February 2013),  nearly a year ago :).

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