When we are busy and don't have a 9 to 5, five days a week job,
we forget what day it is, if it's weekend or not etc.
My artwork was on its way to the gallery 
along with other exhausted stencils,
when I saw the date of one of the layers.
It was my birthday, and I finished the layer early morning,
so that means I didn't sleep the day before my day,
which I don't normally do. I need to sleep at night.
Our windows are huge and don't have the luxury of putting
curtains up, so it is very bright during the day.
Aside from my artworks, I usually marked/sign my stencils and
other things that I've bought like 
magazines, books, cameras, etc etc as long as I bought it.

A recollection, when we suddenly see/saw the date, it transport us through time.

A real time machine.

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