Blood Red Bugoy Messenger bag review

Blood Red Bugoy Messenger Bag Review.
     Aimed at cyclist and/or daily bike commuters, Blood Red’s bugoy Messenger bag has all you could expect on a tough messenger bag. First, the outer shell is tough polyester with thermoplastic polyurethane coating on both sides. Being on a cyclist or commuter near the tropics, expect some drizzle to a heavy rain in the afternoon. No problem, with its independently suspended weatherproof 18oz truck tarp liner, your belongings or valuable things is safe from the elements. The outside zipper is vulcanized for 100 per cent waterproofing. Your 15 inch laptop is safe from splashes.
     Shoulder straps are ambidextrous. Whether you’re a left or right shoulder, swapping the straps are easy. Both straps are secured by double Velcro’s. Stabilizers rotate, so there is no chance of twisted webbing/stabilizers. Over all, it hugs my body well, and has the same width as my body making it easier to seep through traffic.  I have a large bag which tends to hit side mirrors since it is wider than my shoulders.
     This bag can hold things/clothes and other necessary things you need for a day or two. It is big enough to carry A3 sized documents, but vertically oriented. If the straps are longer, I can secure the flap to hold A3’s. Unfortunately, it’s not. I use the side stabilizers to hold the flap with my A3 inside. The main shoulder strap is easy to adjust, but a bit difficult to release, and with a lack of quick release buckle, taking the bag off is tricky especially if you are wearing a helmet or eyeglasses.
     Price is half with those imported bags, but with almost same specs and durability, and waterproofing capabilities, I’ll pick this one up.

     Honestly, I’ll give this bag, 5 out of 5. Big enough for the daily bike commuter, but not enough for the seasonal bike courier.

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