03192011:Woke up early, around 4am.
Supposedly, an Iridium flare showed on heavens above
will have the center of the flare near Cubao.
The skies were clear, for a time.
It was a few minutes to go before the flare when
clouds started to gather, until it enveloped the southern part
of the city where the flare should be.

Instead of going down frustrated,
I took some images of constellations that shall be available
to all of us this summer.
The constellation Scorpius, Sagittarius, Lyra with the very bright Vega,
Cygnus and Aquila rises early at this time of the year, but around late April,
we'll be able to see them rising at midnight (local time).

Saturn before it was engulfed by the clouds.

Sagittarius or the Teapot, and the tail of Scorpius.

Cygnus or the swan.

Saturn (top) and Spica, the very bright star of Virgo.

Until then, clear skies to all!

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