The skies were good for satellite spotting
last night, even though it was full moon.
Yet, it had just risen and to my vantage point,
there is a little light pollution coming from the moon.
The ISS was supposed to pass by Sirius at
exactly 1907H (the bright star on lower left).
The space station has an average speed of
27,643km per hour, and to us here on Earth,
the fly by can be as little as 5 minutes from rise time
to transit and to set time.
But the stars maybe at not their good mood.
Twp minutes before the ISS would have passed by
at the middle of the frame, clouds started to
gather, and at the time it is above our heads,
clouds were all over.

Above: 2 minutes before the fly by
F2.4 15 seconds at iso 80
Below: 1 minute before the fly by
F3.5 180 seconds at iso 80

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