year ender 2011

Another year had passed.
Selected photos that would
remind me of 2011.

First ride of the year 2011.
Played bike polo with the 43 crew.

AX (is) Art project Baguio City
An installation overlooking the city.

Our wall at the so called Ka-Tips.
You can smell death here.

With Mariel, Dex and Arvin.
Photo was taken by Abbie who calls
herself Lara-1.

At the BenCab Museum.

In memory of our good friend Elida.

Dirty kids.

Burnham Park salted Mangoes.

Drumming up high in the mountains.

One of the sickest group who 
visited our shores.

Openings! :)

That infamous show.

Bike homies.

Grand prize at the Adidas All 24!

Friends and Girlfriend.


I'am glad to be an Inkie.
Here with Jason Moss.

It's all good.

Barf Barf!

She scarred me for life.

Not my leg. haha. hey Z!


King Pins.

His favorite number is 11.



heh heh heh...uhhh...

Artwork for everyone to see.

and Last but not the least...Ang INK 20!

In line with all of this,
I'am very proud to say that,
It has been a decade of being drug free,
and a decade of cruelty free.
Cool Runnings to all of us!
Happy 2012!

hindi lahat ng litrato ay
pagaari ko.

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