yashica PS

Many moons ago, I started my search for
a little camera who goes by the name of
Yashica T4 (that's the T5 if you live across the pond).
A small point and shoot camera that can rival bulky slr's.
It was a little weatherproof camera that has a very
sharp Carl Zeiss lens.
Fortunately, there's a lot of it on EvilBay.
But the prices are ridiculously expensive,
way above the brand new prices if you have a
time machine.
So, I search for something similar.
Compact 35mm forums on the interweb,
suggested that the Yashica Minitec is the one.
Very close to the T4 (motor,sounds,dimensions etc)
minus the Carl Zeiss lens.
The minitec has a wider FL than the T4.
Minitec has a 33mm lens versus the 35mm of the T4.
Minitec is not waterproof though.
Fortunately again, Minitec is all over ebay.
Unfortunately, I don't have a credit card nor a
Paypal account.

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Anonymous said...

i have both eBay and PP accounts.
hit me up should you wanna score something online or (gulp!) e(vil)Bay hehe!
- Z