6 month exposure

Winter Solstice for 2011 is Thursday
December 22.
December 20 and December 23 
solstices occur less 
frequently than 
December 21 or December 22 solstices 
in the Gregorian calendar. 
The last December 23 solstice occurred in 1903 
and will not occur again until the year 2303. 
A December 20 solstice has occurred very rarely, 
with the next one occurring in the year 2080.

More readings on Solstices here.

Meanwhile, I'am now prepared to
capture yet again six months exposures
on photo paper.
Tomorrow night, canisters putted up last
June 21, 2011 shall be removed.
Replaced by these new canisters
for another half year photography.
It's like the season finale of
a tele-series.
Because this is the best part.
To see if streaks of the sun's path
was recorded onto the paper
without water leakage.
I do not know if water seeped
inside the canisters till I open them up
one by one tomorrow night.

Speaking of photography
related stuffs.
When Con and I went to Quiapo last weekend,
we found this gem hiding in a camera repair guy's
hoards of stuffs.
Pull it like you mean it!

Images captured as pixels via Nokia 2700.

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