sticker collection

Some stickers I've collected many
moons ago.
Most are international exchanges.

from Australia

big slaps from THEORY PROPAGANDA

SNUB from the U.K.

One Day was the first International Street artist
invited by Pilipinastreet Plan

14 bolt's stickers are high end,
it has prints on its back that you don't want to
throw away.

Stormie Mills was the guest artist of
Royal Elastics when it held its
skate deck painting competition years ago.
The dude is awesome, we talked and said
that he would send me some stickies.
A few months later, I received a parcel from
him, a box full of caps and high end stickers,
with some photos of his artworks.

Hand writing of Stormie.

Perhaps, the most notorious of all sticker traders
around the planet. Billy the Kid.

MELT from the windy city.

VLT crew from malaysia.

Sabotage from NYC.
We traded when myspace was on its height
of popularity.

Start from Zero is a collective based in HK.
Like our very own PSP.

Biafra used Ed as his icon.

Don't know who's this.

Enik One.

From down under.

Finding Hippo and Theory.


14 bolt.

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