December 21, 2010 to June 21, 2011

Six months.
A grueling time for some.
We never wrote our experiences.
We memorize.
But as time pass,
we forget.
We tell ourselves that
"it is just another day"
"another eight hours at the office"
"what's for dinner?"
We realize the value of something,
or someone when they're gone.
But do we memorize?
Wrapped in a time capsule.
It is inside our head.
We forget.
But when it is ready to be opened,
we [again] remember.
This six months is for,
to my friends who've come,
of which,
most of them,
To my new friends,
please stay.
This is for you.
I want to open boxes
with you.
Boxes that capture images
of the sun.
Boxes that contain memories.
Trapped in a diary,
no one can ever read.
So we memorize.
And forget.
And remember.

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