Slices of Time

During the age of film and wet plates,
photography was a very challenging
and excruciating craft.
I was fascinated on how light was captured.
A process our eyes cannot see.
Yet we need our eyes to take a photo.
It was the time when we use the term
capture, not make or take.
Tribes in Africa still believes that
taking a photo of them was indeed
taking their soul which is true.
We take a part of them and recorded it 
in a slice of gelatin 
which came from a cow's guts.
Today, images are recorded as numbers.
In a slice of fives and zeros.
But we capture reality.
To cherish on years to come.
A photo that can make us
remember our happy/sad moments
And I wish that YOU'RE by my side
as we laugh and talk about a photo,
a photo that will make us travel
in a slice of time.