Let the HATE begin.

What I noticed this past days on "FIXIE" forums is that there are a lot of "ifs" and "buts".
Things like "oh its like these guys (pinoy) are feeling New Yorkers"
"I'll clap when I see you guys rode in Quiapo during sundays or fridays"
WHAT? cmon man...do you ride fast?
Do you know that its not like we "pretend" to be "New Yorkers"?
We live by riding.
We move by riding.
And since when did you learn about the massive culture of riding FIXED?
A month ago? A year maybe?
We are all new into this thing.
We should try to make the scene bigger and better.
When was the last time you rode your bike?
Do you bike to work?to school?or to where ever.
In the meantime,
I'll watch this video and pretend to be not a "new yorker" :)
Its all about the RIDING BRO.

Alleycat from Pale Blue Pictures on Vimeo.

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