bike diary number two

1.Dead cat on the middle of the high way.
2.Although the cat was dead I quickly stopped and put the cat on the curb.
3.I don't want the cat to be a part of the pavement.
4.Snobbish mountain bikers.
5.Yeah, your bike maybe a hundred thousand pesos up, but you do not deserved it.
6.You use granny gears and yet,who was the king of the hill?
7.My gearing was 32 and 13. SS rules!
8.A young rider with no helmet telling me "kaya mo yan pre!" while we're uphill.
9.I cant understand his bike,it was like a trial bike with 20 inch wheels and a goofy bars.
10.But he was good.
11.The view was rewarding.The whole stretch of Malipunyo range can be seen.
12.As well as the grand Mt.Makiling and Laguna Lake.

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