bike diary number one

1.woke up around 0600H/coffee(my last cup, i'm going to stop drinking coffee starting tomorrow).
2.did some house chores.
3.pedaled to Muntinlupa (very near Alabang)
4.random "things" I saw while pedaling.
   -live pigs cramped on delivery trucks
   -lechon along the hi-way
   -dead pigs loaded on tricycles with their guts still hanging
   -and blood dripping on the pavement
   -a dude kicking a pig at the back of a pick up truck
   -more pigs
   -a jeepney driver spitting which eventually landed on a
    motorcyclist hahaha!
   -a bodily fluid on a motorcyclist.hahahah! so gruesome! hahahaha!
   -a Bum eating some fastfood ( I guess he had some money but he cant eat inside)
5.bought some powder blue graphite pedals for my MTB. :)
6.bought some Indian food and stuffs.
7.bought a folding bike for my mum :)

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