September 26, 2010

Generally, I want to be at home on Sunday's. I don't know why,but I just wanna be with my folks and sister and grandma and my animal companions at home. It is the only time where we see each other for a full whole day. I guess that's what happen in all families during sunday's. It starts for me by waking up early, when it is still dark. And pedal my way to church which I always look forward to, two times a week. But last sunday 09262010, I was out. The day started for me and J.Boi waking up early in the morning, but actually I've barely slept the night before since I have to finish the stencil. We pedaled to UP Diliman with the rest of my bike homies, then returned to Makati to...yes finish the stencil. A quick nap and lunch then a nice bath. Then boarded the train to Cubao X to meet friends there for a gallery activity. It was my first time in Cubao X on a sunday. Few people are there since I guess they are too lazy to move because tomorrow is another work week. Then after finishing the shoot, I huried my way to the Bus station to catch the last trip. I guess Sunday's are not that lazy.

photos from OKTO here

visit his blog...the dude is awesome, a good friend and good on telling stories through photos.

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