You Are A Legend

Vacation is out,school is definitely in,so,sorry for your lazy ass,get up and welcome back to reality faggots! Vacations, warm and hot days, beach, whatever you do...but if you're a homie like me, you'll definitely be under the knife during vacations,the months before you go to high school, I mean circumcision fags! If you were born by the mid 70s to late 80s, and you're from Sta.Rosa city, you'll definitely knew this dude. This old dude was a legend! My dad's not here so I dunno what his real name is. But anyways, he goes by the name of MENSYONG (you can spell it MENCIONG if you want it to have a different flavor homie). Almost all of the kids in the neighborhood undergone his futuristic way of giving kids that cool surgery I may say! hahahaha he shall give you some guava leaves, for you to chew on, then he shall command you to spit it on your weiner,after he hammerfisted a knife cutting some excess skin of your manhood! rest in peace homie! This is my best representation of HIM!

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