January 11, 2009

A few hours ago, I’ve started my training for a vocational course here at a training facility, at the back of a hospital. A very barren place, the edge of the city, where the urban meets the rural, its quiet here, near the fields. I saw all sorts of trainees, most of them belonged to the Lower Class of Society (I hate the class system) like what the Indians called; The Untouchables. Bag Boys, Janitors, the Unemployed, etcetera etcetera. Most of them are old, and if their going to finish the course, they might not be able to qualify since they are already over aged. I feel very fortunate since I have attended college and I’ve learned a lot of things back then. Then why am I here? I’m here to learn, to add a skill, or just plain, I’m just here. I might seek a job abroad after this, but that’s only my second option. My first option shall be to become a full time artist, but I guess that’s near Impossible. So I’ll just do it, its not permanent, and in the future, things that are somehow impossible today, shall become possible tomorrow. And it’s just a few years I guess, being far from friends is not always entertaining, even if the internet is here for chit chat. Being physically present in front of them is amazing, unlike on the internet where our opinions and structure is basically turned into zero’s and digits then blasted into cyberspace. So be happy with what job you have, even if it’s so slow or lame, or whatever, because by the end of the month, you have money for food.

As I wrote this on my new notebook, my whole body is soooo itchy!
And my hands are double in size…ouch!

Here’s a drawing of our Instructor…enjoy.

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