not artsy but its good...

You might hate it or like it…
I’ve been painting and cutting stencils a lot this past few weeks and I’ve just finished the first layer of my multi layers, after 20 hours of cutting and it makes me wonder why I do this things, where I should be out there, on a cubicle, sitting, staring at the LCD. Truth is I don’t even know why. (Pause) When we were young (say, kindergarten) our teachers and or guardians and or parents would often ask us, what do we want to be when we grow up? Every time someone ask me that redundant question, I’ll proudly shouted “a Pilot” yes, a pilot. The one who maneuvers a flying object invented a century ago. He or She is the one responsible for the safety of his/her passengers, for us to safely glide among the clouds, to glide flawlessly into thin air. Did your dream become a reality?
I bet not.
Some of us have work we don’t really like, not your dream job I say. And some has to work for they have a responsibility they carry each and everyday. But if you choose to become a pilot when you where just a kid, chances are, that dream had just become a reality. Why? Well I’ am a pilot. A pilot of my life, I control my everyday life, I can safely go to point A to point B without the aid of the control tower or the air station,
I can do things I want without the aid of those fancy head up displays in the cockpit or the puzzling knobs and levers. I like what I do but sometimes there’s just always a no fly zone somewhere above and even below the horizon. But I enjoy most of the time, enjoying the view up here, soaring above the clouds, looking down or looking back, and just fly. Because we are all free to fly.
You too, you’re a very good pilot, a pilot for everyday life, flying within the city walls, within the traffic jams or those boxed up rooms we spend most of our day. And you have the responsibility of a pilot to think for the safety of your passengers, your love ones, the one who loves us and the one’s we love. And you have the controls of the cockpit, and you have the responsibility for their safety and comfort a good pilot can give.
In the end, we are all good pilots.
What I’ am missing now is a very good and beautiful stewardess who will join me for the rest of my flight.

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